HOCE Community Database

HOCE's community database is now online!  We're asking all community members to sign up, log in, and update their information.  Read the directions below then click on the "Community Database" link to proceed.  The new site will open in  a new window so you can refer back to the instructions if needed.  Please contact the HOCE Database Administrator if you have any questions or problems. This site is designed to work with Internet Explorer only.

Community Database

Welcome to the Heart of Carolina Emmaus community online database. 

    1. Site Registration
      • Click "Register for Site"
      • If you walked in any community other than Heart of Carolina Emmaus, you must be registered by an administrator.
        • Click the "I need assistance" button and give us your name, city, email, and original walk information.  Someone will get back to you.
      • People who walked in the Heart of Carolina Emmaus community will be given an opportunity to search for their record and self register.
        • You must enter your first name (nickname) and last name as they appear in our printed directory.
        • You must enter your walk number and select your walk gender as well.
        • Enter a valid email address
        • Important: Check the “change Email in Database to this Email” box.  Many of our records have no email address or an incorrect one.  You must match the value in the database when you log on.
        • If you are unsuccessful in finding your record, click the "I need assistance" button and give us your name, city, email, and original walk information.  Someone will get back to you.
      • If all else fails, please send an email with your Name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email and original walk information to dba@carolinaemmaus.org.
    1. First Logon
      • Logon using the same email you registered with and the temporary password you get by email.
      • If you don't see a blue bar with words on it underneath the IMS logo, look for a scroll bar on the right of the logo.  Scroll down to uncover the blue bar.
      • On the blue bar, click "You" --> "Change Your Password"
        • NOTE: The system will allow family members to share an email address, but they MUST use different passwords so the system can select the correct member record when you logon.
        • Enter your preferred password twice and click "Change Password"
    1. Updating your Information
      • On the blue bar, click "You" --> "All about You"
        • On the second blue bar, click "Your Information"
          • Please review and correct your personal information on the left side of the screen.
          • If your church is not in the list, click ”Communicate problems with status” and let us know your church name, city and state.
          • If you make changes, click "Update Your Information"
          • When you are done, click "My Information is Correct"
        • On the second blue bar, click "Your Experience"
          • This will list your original walk and the teams you served on.
          • We do not have good records of this information, so we need your help updating it.
          • Click "Problem With My Experience"
          • Please enter one line for each walk you have been on, starting with your Pilgrim walk:
            • walk number (if it was in a different community, enter "Other")
            • position: PIL, ATL, TL, AML, ML, ALD, LALD, LD, ASD, SD, BR
            • Talk: talk name (you can use talk number or an obvious abbreviation)
          • Click "Send Message" when you are done.
    1. Updating your reunion group
      • If your reunion group has members from several churches, 
        on the blue bar click "You->All about You" and change your church to ***UNKNOWN***.
      • On the blue bar click "Church Admin->Reunion Groups"
        • If your reunion group is not in the list, click "Add Reunion Group" and create it.
        • If it is in the list, click on the magnifying glass to select it.
        • If your name is not in the list, click "Add new member" and add yourself.
      • If you changed your church, don't forget to change it back!

 Community Database

If you are interested in being on the HoCE database administration committee, send an email to the HOCE Database Administrator