Snack Room Assignments:

Members of the Emmaus Community supply the snacks for each of the Walks.
Recently, we have been asked to consider providing healthier snacks and have listed some possibilities below. The churches listed below are being asked to provide the following items:  If you do not see your church listed, please feel free to bring one of the items listed.

Baked Goods: Dessert items
cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, etc. – some could be sugar-free, low carb, or low fat – please mark these so they can be identified as such.

SunriseUMC, First Church (Cary), St. Luke (Goldsboro), White Plains UMC, New Creation UMC

Baked Goods: Breakfast/brunch items
coffee cakes, tea breads, rolls, etc.

some could be sugar-free, low carb, or low fat

– please mark these.

Fuquay-Varina UMC, Trinity UMC (Kinston), Wesley UMC (Raleigh), St. Francis UMC (Cary), Ebenezer UMC, Garner UMC

Crackers and Accompaniments:
Crackers, cheese, cheese balls, spreads, peanut butter, meats (pepperoni, smoked turkey, etc.), meat and cheese trays – consider lower fat cheeses, reduced fat, sugar, or low-sodium crackers and spreads. Please mark accordingly unless labeled.

Edenton StreetUMC, St. Andrews UMC, Walnut Grove UMC, Westminister UMC (Kinston), ALL SPONSORS OF PILGRIMS

Salty Snacks, Dips, and Nuts:
Chips, pretzels, party mixes. Again consider those that may be higher fiber, low-fat, low sodium. (Stacy’s make higher fiber, low sodium, baked chips and snacks, for example.) Label, if needed. Low-fat and low carb dips are also needed. Plain (unsalted and no fat) nuts – especially almonds, walnuts, pecans – toasted or plain are good snacks for those who need to watch fat and sodium.

NashvilleUMC, Hollands UMC, Horne Memorial UMC, Community UMC (Butler), Benson UMC (Beacon Reunion Group),

All Other Churches.

Fruit and Fruit Dips and Spreads:
Fruit trays, individual fruits, trail mixes, dried fruits. Laughing Cow Cheese and other low-fat cheese spreads are good on apples, pears, etc.

Elevation UMC, Gateway (Fuquay-Varina), Olive Grove Baptist Church (Creedmoor), North Raleigh UMC

Vegetables and Dip:
Veggie trays and individual veggies that can be eaten raw. Consider low-fat, low-carb dips and spreads.

Millbrook UMC, Apex/Peak UMC, Wake Forest UMC,
Christ Community UMC (Clayton), Glendale Heights UMC.

All kinds, mints and hard candies, M & M’s, chocolate, home-made. Please include a selection of sugar-free candies.

Benson UMC (JOY Reunion Group), Pleasant Grove Church (Cary), Wesley UMC (Raleigh), Mt. Sylvan UMC (Goldsboro)

Soda – regular and diet, bottled teas, juice, other drinks – especially healthy alternatives.

St. Luke UMC (Sanford), Turner Memorial Baptist Church, Fremont UMC, White Memorial Presbyterian Church