Pre-Walk Gathering Tomorrow Night

posted Feb 21, 2019, 6:05 AM by Jim Borrell

Tomorrow night, Feb. 22, we will have our Gathering at White Plains UMC starting at 7:30. This will be the last Gathering before our March 7-10 Men's Walk #140. You will be able to sign up to serve behind the scenes for this Walk and also spend the evening worshiping, singing, enjoying fellowship and snacking! So please come out and help us prepare for this Walk.
There will be sponsorship training available prior to the Gathering at 6:30. We are accepting applications for the Women's Walk #141 in May so take advantage of this training to make the Emmaus Walk experience available to your friends and neighbors.
Oh, and I almost forgot, bring a snack to share with all (because we can't have an Emmaus event without food!!).

Gathering Friday night

posted Jan 22, 2019, 5:04 PM by Jim Borrell

Greetings HOC Emmaus community! We will have a Gathering this Friday, January 25 at 7:30 at White Plains UMC in Cary. There will be sponsorship training before the Gathering starting at 6:30. Please bring a snack to share and plan on rekindling your Emmaus friendships.
Also, come prepared to sign up to serve behind the scenes at the March Men's Walk on March 7-10. Spread the word to all your reunion groups and Emmaus friends.


Help needed from HOC community

posted Jan 17, 2019, 5:25 PM by Jim Borrell

Greetings HOC community,

We have found a glitch in the HOC Emmaus website. Would you please check the "Calendar of Events" page and look at the events for the year that are listed; especially sponsorship training and gathering times. I entered the events with the starting times of 6:30 for either follow-ups or sponsorship training and 7:30 for gatherings. We have found that some calendars are showing those times to be 5:30 and 6:30. I use the Firefox browser and the times appear correctly. Others using Google or Edge are showing the 5:30 and 6:30 times.
This appears to be a daylight saving time issue because the incorrect times appear from March to November.
So I would like to see reports back to me telling me what browser you use and what times you see.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE, SEND ME AN EMAIL AT with your findings. Thank you.

Jim Borrell

A reminder to sponsors

posted Nov 27, 2018, 7:19 AM by Jim Borrell

A reminder to all sponsors.....please be sure to pay close attention to the section on the application that asks about any physical or medical limitations that a pilgrim may have. We need to know about those issues prior to the Walk so that we can be prepared to make the necessary accommodations for the pilgrim at Camp Agape. If you have any questions about what can and cannot be handled please contact the registrar or any member of the HOC board of directors. That contact information is on the website (

Men's Walk #140

posted Nov 18, 2018, 6:34 PM by Jim Borrell

The HOC Emmaus men's Walk #140 is being held on March 7-10 at Camp Agape in Fuquay Varina. At this time we have 10 men signed up for the Walk. We need to have at least 20 men signed up by Jan. 5. Here's the incentive to get your applications in before Jan. 1, 2019 --- the cost of the Walk goes up to $215 for all applications received after Jan. 1. Between now and Jan. 1 the cost is $195. So getting the application in by Jan. 1 saves you $20. That's nothing to sneeze at. Let's fill this Walk up by Jan. 1 with a waiting list. We've got to keep the fire burning in the Heart of Carolina Emmaus community.


posted Nov 18, 2018, 6:25 PM by Jim Borrell

Come and celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ at our Christmas Gathering on Friday, December 7 at 7:30 at White Plains UMC. There will be Sponsorship training before the Gathering at 6:30. Come for worship, Christmas music and fellowship. Please bring a festive holiday snack to share. Also, bring some canned goods for the White Plains UMC food pantry.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving and we hope to see you on Dec. 7.

Follow-up and Gathering tonight!

posted Oct 26, 2018, 8:24 AM by Jim Borrell

Tonight is follow-up for Walks 138 and 139. It starts at 6:30 at White Plains UMC. Our Gathering starts after the follow-up at 7:30. So come on out of the cold, rainy weather and welcome our newest community members. Let the Holy Spirit warm you as we worship, fellowship and commune. Oh and bring something yummy to share with the community.

Follow up and Gathering for Walks 138 and 139

posted Oct 19, 2018, 3:36 PM by Jim Borrell

The Follow up for Walks 138 and 139 will be at White Plains UMC on Friday, October 26 starting at 6:30 sharp. All pilgrims and team members are urged to attend. Sponsors be aware that it is your responsibility to get your pilgrims to the Follow up by 6:30 on Friday night.
The October Gathering will be held immediately following the Follow up at 7:30 and will also be at White Plains UMC. Please bring a snack and/or drink to share with the community. Let's welcome our new HOC community members with a great turnout on Friday, October 26.

Women's Walk #139 Candlelight

posted Oct 9, 2018, 12:17 PM by Jim Borrell

The Candlelight for women's Walk #139 will be held at Fuquay Varina UMC on Saturday night, October 13 at 8:00pm. There will be sponsorship training prior to the Candlelight at 7:00pm at FVUMC.
Please note that we are to park in the parking lot on the left side of Fuquay Varina UMC as you face the church. The entrance is on the Judd Parkway side of the church. Thank you and we look forward to seeing a great turnout on Saturday night.


Men's Emmaus Walk #138

posted Sep 17, 2018, 1:49 PM by Jim Borrell

Men's Emmaus Walk #138 WILL BE HELD this weekend. Camp Agape is fine and ready to go. So everything is on schedule. The candlelight for Walk #138 will be held at First UMC Fuquay Varina, 402 N. Main St, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 NOT Fuquay Varina UMC. So please make note of the change and tell all your Emmaus friends.

See you this weekend!


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