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"A Time Such as This"

posted Feb 22, 2016, 12:55 PM by Jim Borrell
“A Time Such as This”
                Good Morning, HOC Emmaus Family! We are still smiling at our house, basking in the glowing presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s agape love that surrounded and engulfed Men’s Walk #129 this past weekend. God is good!
                We had the privilege to see this walk weekend unfold over this past year, growing from seeds sowed a long time ago. We would not have been at Short Journey this weekend without the faithful work of our past Board of Directors, who diligently worked through both good times and tough times. So, if you know a past BOD member, give them a shout out “DeColores” and thank them for their service.
Emmaus has meant many things to us over the years. We have gained precious friends whose lives would have not crossed ours without Emmaus. We have witnessed lives’ changing, churches growing, hearts re-dedicated to our Lord and Savior, souls healed and forgiven. As one of our pastor friends says, the Walk to Emmaus can move people closer to God in 72 hours than he can hope to do in years of pastoring.
The last several years have been difficult for HOC Emmaus, and we know we were called to a time of prayer and discernment to realize God’s plan for our community. We return to His service through carrying out the Walk to Emmaus humbled by His grace in answering our prayers. Seeing Short Journey busy with servants both on the team and behind the scenes, our worship services—send-off, candlelight, and closing—so well attended, and hearing the authentic witness of the new 4th Day Pilgrims is indeed an answer to our prayers. We were overwhelmed by God’s sweet grace showering down on all involved in Men’s Walk #129!
                The Bible verse/story that has been on my heart lately is from Esther 4:14, as Mordecai tells Esther that perhaps she was put in her position for “A time such as this.” The Jews were being heavily persecuted and Mordecai tells Esther that if she keeps quiet then she and her relatives will die. But if she speaks up, they might be delivered.
                My prayer has been that the HOC Community takes Esther’s story to heart at “a time like this.” And you did, speaking up through prayer, sponsorship, service,  and attendance. My prayer was answered in abundance this weekend!
                Now, let us continue to answer our call in a time like this. Women’s Walk #130 begins March 3rd. The fall walks are in October. Hope to see all of you on the road to Emmaus! De Colores!

Ruthie and Jim