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Christmas Gathering tomorrow night!

posted Dec 5, 2019, 11:07 AM by Jim Borrell

Its Gathering time and it isn’t even close to the 4th Friday.  Still it will happen this week, Friday, December 6th.  Isn’t it great that the Holy Spirit doesn’t work off a calendar like we do.   This Gathering is a time of acknowledging so many things in our lives around Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas.  Please bring yourself with a grateful and anticipatory heart.  Seldom are we told around Emmaus Walks to be anticipatory but when it comes to Advent we are.   Let our hearts be burning with gratitude for the many things that have been done and are being worked out for us in Heavenly realms.  So come and join us in this time of worship.

This worship service will be in the Sanctuary of White Plains UMC.   So just walk right on past the door we normally arrive at, down to the end of the sidewalk.   This is where you will find us as there is another event in the space we usually get to use.  

·         Bring with you a grateful heart

·         Bring with you a voice ready to sing

·         Bring with you a snack

·         Bring with you some simple things of our abundance to stock the food pantry

Canned:    corn, mixed vegetables, fruit, pasta sauce, milk, large tuna, large chicken noodle soup, large cans chicken

Boxed:      pasta noodles, baking mix, macaroni and cheese, brownie mix

Bagged:     1 lb. rice; 1 lb. pinto beans 

Plastic bottles:     Peanut Butter, Grape Jelly


·         Bring with you a humble self to be in God’s presence


·         Bring someone else with you.


Also notice TRAINING IS OCCURING.   If you just finished a walk or it has been a while back, Training is a gift that allows you to give a walk to another.   That will be at 6:30 in the Pathfinders Classroom across from our regular room.  Please take this step in becoming a sponsor of others for walks.


This will be a time of celebrating new and old.  So join us. 

6:30 Training, Pathfinders Classroom,

7:30 , Gathering, Sanctuary,

White Plains UMC, Cary