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Emmaus Evangelism

posted Jan 27, 2017, 11:00 AM by Jim Borrell

Greetings in the name of Christ,

Our Board of Directors has a position called "Evangelism." It's purpose is to "market" the Walk to Emmaus to our churches and community. It is a clergy position that is not filled at this moment. At our recent board meeting we discussed this position and we agreed that we need a clergy in this role since clergy are extremely valuable to our community and have the contacts that are necessary for this job. But we think it is impractical to put the complete onus of this job on a single clergy. This position would employ a committee to help the clergy in carrying out evangelism work. We will need people to volunteer for this committee.

In the meantime, members of our BOD are willing to come to any area churches or groups to discuss the importance of the Emmaus Walk to Sunday Schools, Administrative Boards, Bible study groups, etc. And after we fill the board position we and the Evangelism committee will continue to assist the clergy in making those visits to present the value of the Walk to Emmaus. Until we fill the board position with a clergy person, we ask that anyone who wants an HOC board member to visit their group to contact us at We will find a board member or clergy in that area and ask that person to contact you about making a presentation to your group.

If you know of a clergy person who may like to fill this board position please contact us and we will talk to them.


Jim and Ruthie Borrell

HOC Emmaus Community Lay Directors