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Gathering tomorrow night and on-line giving announcement

posted Aug 27, 2020, 5:25 PM by Jim Borrell
Yes.. Gathering is Friday night. It will be broadcast on our HOC Ministries page for the worship service. Note that. As we get closer I will try to get a link sent out to all the other ways we connect.
So the Gathering is hosted by Nashville UMC in Nashville. This offers us a face to face opportunity at the church for those wishing that. They are doing social distancing and asking masks be worn. Remember the the three W's.
For those not wanting to be face to face yet, the Gathering will be streamed via Facebook Live. Chat should be monitored so comments, questions, prayer concerns should get to those leading the Gathering as you enter them in the chat/text box. There is more!!!!
In order to have some social time with all, there will be a ZOOM room set up prior to and just after the Gathering. That will allow those who are sheltering at home still have a moment to connect with others in HOC Emmaus That invite will be sent out midday Friday. So watch for that invite at our regular points of contact.
It is always good to worship, It is good to worship with a community where you know the faces and have shared sacred moments with. Lets watch that unfold Friday evening.
Oh.... no snacks needed if going to Nashville, plenty needed if you are staying at home.

Also, for your convenience, 0ur HOC Board of Directors is excited to announce that we are partnering with Vanco Financial Services in setting up Online Giving options for our community. You can find the new link on our HOC Emmaus website- The green button is on the left side of the home page and says, "Online Giving." You will have the option of giving a one time donation or setting up recurring donations from your checking or savings account or on your debit or credit card.
This link will take you to our website from this Facebook page.
I urge you to go check out this link on our website and consider making a donation and see how it works. At this time in the absence of in-person gatherings this is a way to support and ensure the financial stability of our community in preparation for upcoming Walks in 2021.