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Meals at Camp Agape for Behind-the-Scenes volunteers

posted Apr 20, 2017, 5:42 PM by Jim Borrell

Hello everyone,

If you plan on working behind-the-scenes on an Emmaus Walk at Camp Agape, please know that you can eat meals there after the pilgrims eat. Camp Agape charges us for meals that eaten by our support people. Those charges are as follows:

Breakfast - $6

Lunch - $7

Dinner - $8

The work area coordinator will collect the money for meals and deliver it to the work area board member. The board member is responsible for documenting the amount of meals eaten per meal and reconciling the money collected. The board member will report the amount of meals eaten and money collected to the Community Lay Director.

Also, there will be a limited number of beds available at Camp Agape for overnight stays for some work area coordinators and weekend coordinator. The charge for an overnight stay is $30 per night.

Jim and Ruthie Borrell