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posted Jan 24, 2013, 6:30 AM by HOCE WebServant

Dear HOC Emmaus Community,


It is with great sorrow that we have had to cancel Men’s Walk #125, scheduled for January 31-Feb. 3, 2013.   Unfortunately there were only 11 men signed up for the walk.   The Upper Room, who issues our Emmaus guidelines, suggest 20 pilgrims for a valid walk.   The reasons for this minimum number are many, and all the reasons are in the interest of the best pilgrim experience possible.  To summarize, a minimum of 20 pilgrims insures that we do not have the number of team members overwhelm the pilgrims and that the pilgrims have a sufficient number of other pilgrims with whom to interact during this special time together.  Each sponsor has been contacted and each pilgrim who had been scheduled to be on this walk has been given the opportunity to attend the fall Men’s Walk or beyond. 


This was an excruciating decision for us, and we continue to pray that it was the right one for this community that we all deeply love.   So what do we do now?   Well, we continue to pray, first and foremost.  And we ask for YOUR help in strengthening and growing the community.   Continue to prayerfully discern who the Lord is calling you to invite to participate.   Talk about the walk with your friends in other church communities, not just your own church.   If your pastor(s) has not been on the walk, continue to reach out to him or her,  affirming what the Lord has done for you through your walk and beyond.  Participate in a Reunion Group to keep your own “flame” alive, so that it can be seen by others.


The Women’s Walk is still scheduled for Feb. 14-17.   We look forward to seeing you participate during that weekend.



The Emmaus Board