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Moving forward!

posted Jan 27, 2015, 7:57 AM by Jim Borrell
The priority talk on the first day of our Walk to Emmaus reminds us that we must set our own priorities or they will be set for us. With all the things that go on in our lives every day are we able to take time to focus on our number one priority - God's purpose for us.  Your Emmaus board of directors has chosen the priority of revitalizing our community.  We are committed to rekindling the fire that most of us had after those three days.  What are your priorities?  Are they clearly in view or drowning in a sea of clutter?  What do you need to do to make more space for the things that are truly most important?  Now is the time to make all things new by taking control of your life and setting new priorities.  2 Corinthians 5:17

The HOC Emmaus board of directors met on Jan. 17 to discuss moving forward.  One of the most critical components of moving forward will be communications.  We need to have the community informed about what is happening and our plans for the future.  So, are you subscribed to the Heart of Carolina Emmaus Yahoo email group?  Instructions on how to subscribe are on this web site in the table of contents menu on the home page.  Are you included in the Walk to Emmaus (Heart of Carolina) Facebook page?  Searching "Walk to Emmaus" on Facebook will take you there.  And do you check this web site for all HOC news and updates?  And if you are included in these social media vehicles, are you passing on the news to your reunion groups and Emmaus friends?

So here's the good news. We will be having a Gathering on February 27 at White Plains UMC at 7:30.  We are not sure about babysitting services yet but will let you know.  At the Gathering we will be talking about how to tap into all the methods of communications that we will be using.

Also, we have scheduled Walks for 2016!!!  The dates are February 18-21 for the Mens' Walk and March 3-6 for the Womens' Walk.  We will officially start taking applications in a few months but if you have a person or people you want to sponsor let us know.

Thank you for your continued support of our community and with God's guidance we will renew our community to help strengthen our churches and bring us all closer to Christ.

Jim and Ruthie Borrell      (
Community Lay Directors