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Signing up for serving behind the scenes at an Emmaus Walk

posted Jan 22, 2017, 10:30 AM by Jim Borrell
Can't make it to a Gathering, can't get to Send-off? Did you know that you can sign up on the Community Database to work behind the scenes on an Emmaus Walk?? Here's how you do it. Access the Community Database by clicking on the link on our HOC Emmaus website ( or go directly to the Database by entering Once there, sign in and follow this path:
You > All about you > Vol. sign-ups > Position sign-ups
Pick a work area (position), then pick the time you want to serve, then pick the Walk #. Bingo! You're in.
We will still have sign-ups at our Gatherings and Send-offs but this method of sign-ups just gives our community another option for signing up to serve behind the scenes.