Sponsorship Training

Our Sponsorship Training Powerpoint Presentation is now available in the Files section below!


Sponsorship Training is required before sponsoring your first pilgrim. It is required to be done in person by the community training board members or members of the board of directors. After that training can be renewed on-line below prior to sponsoring another pilgrim. Training is one hour before most Gatherings, one hour before Apostolic Hour, or can be organized at your church by contacting our Training Board Members Marvin & Pat Morris at Training@carolinaemmaus.org 
As with all Emmaus activities, we ask that you prayfully consider sponsorship and begin your duties with prayer and confirmation before beginning the process.
Sponsorship Training is to be updated before you sponsor another pilgrim so you are up to date on all information regarding community requirements and sponsorship requirements. Prior to applications be accepted by the registrars, sponsorship training must be current.  More information about sponsorship is found on the Sponsorship tab with the link to the current application.  Only the current application will be accepted by the registrars.

The powerpoint Sponsorship Training presentation link is below. To see the slides with explanatory notes click on the download arrow to the right. When you open the download the full presentation will be there. After you have viewed the presentation please send an email to training@carolinaemmaus.org stating that you have completed the training. Thank you.

Travis Montgomery,
Jul 3, 2018, 7:58 AM